LGBTQ undergraduate modules and masters modules/courses currently running at UK universities

Anglia Ruskin University BA in Education includes modules that cover, amongst other themes, the experiences of LGBTQ students and teachers, Section 28, LGBTQ literature for children and heteronormativity.

University of Birmingham various undergraduate modules including 'Gender and Sexuality in the 20th Century United States',  'Punks, Queers and Migrants: Diversity and Subculture in Modern Britain from 1945 to the Present Day' and 'Reproduction and the Self: Gender, Family and Sexuality in the Early Middle Ages'
MRes Sexuality and Gender Studies

Birkbeck, University of London third year History undergraduate module,  'Sexuality, Society and the State in Britain, 1914-2000',  MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture,
MSc Gender, Sexuality and Society,

University of Bristol third year undergraduate module, 'Repressed or Risque?: Victorian Sex and Sexuality',, MA module 'Modern Sexualities', part of the MA in History,

University of Cambridge MA module 'Gender and Sexuality',

University of Exeter third year undergraduate module, 'Sexualities',

Goldsmiths MA Queer History and undergraduate modules 'Scandal: Sex and Sexual Identity in Nineteenth-Century Britain' and 'Histories of Sexualities'

University of Lancaster MA module 'Pre-modern Bodies', part of the MA in English Literary Studies

University of Leeds third year undergraduate module 'Men and Masculinity in Britain, c.1860-1960: War, Work and Home'

Leeds Beckett MA modules, 'Sexuality' and 'Gender and Popular Culture in Britain: 1918-1970', part of the MA in Social History

University of Lincoln third year undergraduate module 'Men, Sex and Work: Sexuality and Gender in 20th Century Britain'

LJMU third year History undergraduate module, 'Queer Britain',

University of Manchester MA Gender, Sexuality and Culture

Manchester Metropolitan University third year undergraduate module 'A Queer History of the Twentieth Century' and second year undergraduate module 'Between the Sheets: Sex and Sexuality from Antiquity to the Present Day'

University College London MA in Gender, Society and Representation,

Loughborough University various undergraduate modules with some LGBTQ+ content including, 'Revolution in the Head: The Beatles and Sixties Britain', 'Victorian Values Reconsidered' and 'Twentieth-Century Britain: United Kingdom?'

University of Nottingham third year undergraduate module 'Sex and Society in Britain since 1900',

University of Southampton second year undergraduate modules, 'Gender, Sexuality and the Social Order 1500-1750',  'Alternative Sexualities' and ' Sex, Death and Money: the United Kingdom in the 1960s'

Regents University, London undergraduate module 'Identities in Media', part of BA in Liberal Studies (Media & Communications) with Integrated Foundation

University of Sheffield undergraduate module in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* Studies

Swansea University  MA module, 'The Queer Middle Ages:  Bodies, Textuality and Objects', part of the English literature MA

University of Strathclyde third year undergraduate module 'Sex, medicine and society in Britain and Ireland, c.1880s-1980s',

University of Sussex second year History undergraduate module,  'Self, Sex and Emotions in Early Modern Europe', and MA in Sexual Dissidence,


Resources by Advisors and Patrons

Before Wilde: Sex between Men in Britain’s Age of Reform (Upchurch, 2009)

Engendered Penalties: Transgender and Transsexual People’s Experiences of Inequality and Discrimination (Whittle, 2007)

Her Husband was a Woman!: Women's Gender-Crossing in Modern British Popular Culture (Oram, 2008)

Masculinity, Class and Same-Sex Desire in Industrial England, 1895-1957 (Smith, 2015)

The Palgrave Handbook of Sexuality Education (Grove, contributor, 2016)

Queen and country: Same–sex desire in the British Armed Forces, 1939–45  (Vickers, 2015)

Queer Domesticities: Homosexuality and Home Life in Twentieth-Century London (Cook, 2014)

Visions of Sodom: Religion, Homoerotic Desire, and the End of the World in England, c. 1550–1850 (Cocks, 2017)

What is Sexual History? (Weeks, 2016)

The World and Other Unpublished Works by Radclyffe Hall (Funke, 2016)