OUTing The Past 2019 Festival Programme: NYC Irish Centre


Outing the Past @ the NYC Irish Center:
A celebration of Irish LGBT History
Saturday, February 16, 2019; 1pm to 6pm
Cost of Entry: Free


Dr. Brian Lacey – on the history of homosexuality in precolonial Celtic Ireland

Marie Mulholland – on lesbians’ role in the Easter Rising, focusing on lifelong couple and comrades-in-arms, Dr. Kathleen Lynn and Madelyn ffrench-Mullen (see photo)

Jeffrey Dudgeon – on “Dudgeon vs. UK”, a landmark case which led to decriminalization in the north of Ireland in 1982.
(This case was an important international precedent, cited in other cases, including the SCOTUS ruling in “Lawrence vs. Texas”.)

Cahir O’ Doherty – on “the journey from shame and silence toward queer joy in 1980’s Ireland and America”.

Anne Maguire – on the battle to be included in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, with a focus on “the lesbian leadership of the campaign in the context of the times (1990s), the immigration status of ILGO members, the closet, and Ireland”.


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