OUTing The Past 2019 Festival Programme: Bolton

OUTing The Past 2019 – Bolton Museum – March 16th

Bolton Library & Museum Service are delighted to be an Outing the Past Hub for 2019, our festival day is Saturday 16th March. Our programme for the day has elements suitable for all ages, the whole 4 floors of Bolton Library & Museum Service will be awash with rainbows for the day.

Basement: Performance in Lecture Theatre 2 at 2pm:

We are excited to be showing a live theatre performance about Walt Whitman called “The Adhesion of Love” by Stephen Hornby, Outing the Pasts playwright in residence.

The American Poet Walt Whitman had strong links with Bolton with a group of his fans calling themselves the Bolton Whitmanites. See a preview of the play here https://vadamagazine.com/entertainment/arts/theatre-preview-the-adhesion-of-love-inkwell-productions-2019

Ground floor: library Books: Bolton library has an excellent collection of new LGBT relevant books both novels and reference available for all ages so come and read on our cosy sofas or search LGBT on Borrowbox to find audiobooks. Family friendly

1st floor: Speakers in the Art Gallery: (Secondary school age and up)
From 11am Introduction by Alex McLeman

  • 11.10am Sue Sanders will share her experiences of Section 28 and the history of “Schools Out”

  • 11.40am Alam Ali will be speaking about Alan Turing – LGBT Hero of History.

  • 12.50pm Sacha Coward will be exploring the powerful queer symbolism of mermaids in depictions through art and history.

  • 1.20pm Trudy Howson, Britain’s LGBT+ Poet Laureate will celebrate the diversity & development of the UK LGBT+ movement and it’s struggle for visibility.

  • 4pm Veronika McKenzie will explore aspects of activism by Black LGBT+ communities across the cultural, literary and political spheres in England.

2nd floor: Exhibition in our Temporary exhibition gallery: (15th March-26th May) Family friendly

Tours by Pierrette Squires at 10.30am & 4.30pm

Desire, Love, Identity -In Bolton:

Bolton is the only Northern venue to host this collection from the British Museum put together to celebrate 50years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality. Bolton has added to the collection making the exhibition our own with local community stories. Come and see how Bolton’s LGBT history fits into the world history of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* lives going back 10,000 years and across many cultures. Find out how drag acts sold textiles and what happened when Bolton’s young people went to Amsterdam!

There are many other LGBTQ related events planned for the duration of the exhibition so keep an eye on our What’s on to see more http://www.boltonlams.co.uk/whats-on

Come and join us to celebrate LGBT life

Pierrette Squires - Desire love & Identity in Bolton Gallery tour - 10.30

Alex McLeman - Intro - 11.00

Sue Sanders - Schools Out and her experiences of Section 28 - 11.10

Alam Ali - Alan Turing – LGBT hero of history - 11.40

Lunch - 12.10

Sacha Coward - Mermaids: A twist in the Tale - 12.50

Trudy Howson - LGBT Poet Laureate - 1.20

Stephen Hornby - Adhesion of Love - Play - 2.00

Veronika McKenzie - Activism by Black LGBT+ communities - 4.00

Pierrette Squires - Desire love & Identity in Bolton Gallery tour (repeated from the morning) - 4.30

Jenny Ardrey